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The Economy — What's Wrong?   How to Fix It
Aug. 20, 2010. They started building the trap in 1982. That's when the debt started going up (national debt graph) after 35 years of going down from it's 120% peak in 1947. In '82 it made sense as economic stimulus, but the Republican's kept it up for 12 years (Reagan & Bush I) with tax-cuts for the rich, and the Dems were too dumb to stop it.
There's a time to borrow and a time to save. But the Republicans borrowed in good times, and now they want us to save when we need to borrow. There is method to their madness.
Recession's Over! Unemployment Rising
July 24, 2009. It's pretty sure the worst recession since 1938 ended on June 30. That's the end of the last quarter of declining GDP. Probably. But companies won't start hiring till they've bounce back quite a bit, so ... more >>
  Stimulus: After 12 long years, what got us out of the Great Depression? World War II. How? The government started buy tanks and battle ships with humongous deficit spending. That worked immediately. Pretty obvious actually. Buy all that stuff from GM etc., and they have to hire lots of people. And hiring people is what it takes.
We Are Still Losing Half a Million Jobs a Month
July 10, 2009. Job losses peaked as Bush left office, but the economy is still losing jobs faster than at the worst point (October 2001) in the first Bush recession. ... more >>
  Wall St. Watch report on who caused the crisis.
  Map of the Recession  

Paul Krugman won the 2008 Nobel Prize for Economics. What web resources on economics does he find useful? Here’s a list:
Asia crisis homepage : Nouriel Roubini maintains this amazing site. Follow not just the events but the big intellectual debates more or less in real time.
Brad De Long's home page : A great set of readings and links; check out in particular his book-in-progress on the economic history of the century.
Network externalities : Nicholas Economides maintains this site, which is the best reference for the real issues (as opposed to the bogus ones) surrounding Microsoft and all that.
Foreign labor statistics home page : For those who have tired of fact-free discussions of the global economy, here's a great site for data - especially on wages and per capita incomes.
Samuel Brittan's website : The dean of economic commentators, as sharp as ever. A great addition to the web.
Meghbarta : I just learned about this site via email: a Bangladeshi webzine. Read it for a genuine Third World take on issues like child labor and immigration - a powerful corrective to the self-righteousness of First World NGOs.

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From economic disaster to emerging economic superpower in 30 years, the Chinese economy is growing at nearly 10% a year, three times as fast as the US. The manufacturing jobs are going to China and they have all people they need, eager to make 25 cents an hour.
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