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zPuzles: Policy-Related Puzzles from zFacts
  zPuzle (6-15-09).  Under the Waxman carbon cap, U.S. emission will return to their 1990 level in (a) 2015. (b) 2020. (c) 2025. (d) After 2030.          Answer: mouse over
  zPuzle (6-10-09).  How much does EPA say Waxman's cap-and-trade bill will cut capped emissions by in 2050?  (a) About 80% as claimed. (b) About 40%.          Answer: mouse over
  zPuzle (6-5-09).  Afghans chased out the British and Russians. Do they feel the same about the U.S.?  (a) Yes, very similar. (b) No.          Answer: mouse over
  zPuzle (6-3-09).  If Exxon pumps a barrel of oil out of Alaska, how much of it effectively goes to the US? (a) About 25%? (b) About 95%?          Answer: mouse over
  zPuzle (6-1-09).  What important Muslim legislative body had a higher percentage of women than the U.S. Senate has ever had?          Answer: mouse over
pump gas

zPuzle (5-29-09).  When you burn 10 pounds of gasoline, how many pounds of carbon dioxide does that produce? (a) Less than one.  (b) Five.  (c) Thirty.  (d) Less if you drive a hybrid.          Answer: mouse over
  zPuzle (5-28-09).  Since 1900, how much have humans caused the sea level to rise? One inch? 10 inches? 100 inches?          Answer: mouse over   more >>
bike to work
zPuzle (5-26-09).  In 2012, with carbon capped, two guys commute 10 miles to work, one in his Hummer. The other bikes his drive. Which causes more global warming? Answer: Neither. Riding a bike just frees up carbon permits so others, like the Hummer driver, use more gas. Biking saves no carbon under a cap. More

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