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Richard Heinberg on Peak Oil
  Richard Heinberg, author of The Party's Over, Peak Everything and two other peak-oil books, has no training in oil, engineering, economics, and probably no real college degree. He's a writer who invented a new-age myth of creation and "die off" leading to a world of sustainable villages and tribes, before he heard of peak oil. After learning of peak oil, he simply climbed on the oil train and revised his myth just a little.

The tip-off that there is a cultish tinge to peak-oil theory is the belief, shared by most of its leading lights, that the "die off" of four billion or more people would be a good thing. This is expressed most clearly and concisely by Heinberg. He calls it "sustainability with teeth."

Heinberg is also against fixing global warming. He argues against every useful approach, probably because he sees a catastrophe as the only way force people to live sustainably.

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