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Colin (C.J.) Campbell: Top Peak-Oil Expert
  C. J. Campbell is the leading advocate of the peak-oil catastrophe theory, and the founder of the Association for the Study of Peak Oil.

Doom: He believes, with Duncan, that the world's population will be largely killed off by a lack of oil. From 6.4 billion the global population will die back to pre Oil-Age levels, less than 2 billion. [See Campbell on Population Die Off.]

Global Warming: But the good news, or so he thinks, is that the end of cheap oil will end global warming. Actually, it is causing a switch to coal-to-liquids technology and oil shale. These technology increase CO2 emissions and accelerate global warming. [See Campbell on global warming.]

Silver Lining: Campbell sees what he calls a "silver lining" as the result of killing off four billion people. We will become less a "consumeristic society." [See Campbell's Silver Lining.]

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