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Heinberg Believes Die Off is Good
  Heinberg, along with other peak-oil experts, Campbell and Duncan, believes that the "die off" (of 4 billion people) would not be a bad thing. Here are excerpts from his Closing Address to the First US Conference on Peak Oil and Community Solutions, Yellow Springs Ohio, November 14, 2004.

"Perverse as the comment may seem, I don't think collapse, in this instance, would necessarily be such a bad thing. As Tainter points out, collapse really just means a return to the normal pattern of human life—life, that is, in tribes or villages. …. Perhaps peak oil at last provides the word “sustainability” with teeth. …. However, at this point in history, as industrial civilization crumbles, lifeboats are needed—survivable local communities capable of  weathering the storms of war, ecological collapse, and economic calamity."

In November 2007, this speech can still be found on his website and many others.

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