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The Congressional Research Service (CRS) is the policy research arm of the US Congress. With its $100 million budget and ~800 employees, it issues about 3,000 briefs, reports, short issue papers and longer position papers per year.

An arm of the Library of Congress, the Congressional Research Service is renowned for its non-partisanship and in-depth analysis, but it does not make its reports available to the public. However, it cannot prevent members of Congress from giving them out individually and some government agencies from posting reports they find relevant. Perhaps 1000 have become available on the web.

If you don’t find what you want, look through the list of reports at Press. If you find one you want, copy its Order Code and search for that here (e.g.  RL31250 or “98-505 GOV”). (You must use RL31250, not just 31250.) If it’s on the Web, this will find it. If not, you can pay Penny Hill $29.95.