Hope for Afghanistan?

Afghanistan: Ashraf Ghani April 3, 2014. Americans think the US is just a hated foreign power in Afghanistan. But the Bilateral Security Agreement (with the US) is so popular with Afghanis that every presidential canidate (all 8) has pledged to sign it. Of course, the corrupt President Karzai hates it. Check out this video of top presidential contender Ashraf Ghani (Pashtun—like the Taliban). He earned his Ph.D. at Columbia and is running with Abdul Rashid Dostum an Uzbek. Ghani was the country's most able finance minister. Election Sat, April 5.

The Market Says Stimulus Is the Answer

May 21, 2012.  Market "sentiment improved after G8 leaders ... stressed over the weekend that their "imperative is to promote growth and jobs." —Reuters.  This is a reversal of their previous austerity/budget-cutting position. The result?  "Nasdaq's best 1-day percentage gain since December 2011." The market always favors stimulus over austerity — because it works.