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Why Two-Year College Makes More Sense than High School

Jan 18, 2015. So Republicans think free public community college is a waste of money, but they're still OK with high school. (Next the Tea Party will want to charge for that too.) But providing education the way Obama proposes will be more cost-effective than high school. First, it gets rid of everyone with a C+ average or lower. So we're not paying for those who aren't getting anything out of it, and we're getting rid of the trouble-makers and  [Read more...]

1 Year of Free Community College = 12 days of Iraq War

Nouri al-Maliki

Jan 17, 2015. Obama proposes free community college for students with just over a C+ average or better. This could cost up to $60 billion over 10 years. Most Americans favor this but the Republicans say we can't afford it. Let's put that in perspective. Bush II and the Republicans thought it was worth $800+ billion (133 years of community college for America) to install the pro-Iranian Nouri al-Maliki as Pres of Iraq, so he could kick us out of Iraq (unless US troops submitted to Iraqi law—as bad as Sharia) and then let the ISIS flourish. [Read more...]

Would MoveOn Rig Its Own Voting?

Dec 18, 2014. MoveOn just voted 81% to 19% to pit Elizabeth Warren against Hillary Clinton in the primary. But members were given only 24 hours to discuss and decide how to vote, and the ballot consisted of a strong but entirely one-sided argument for voting yes. What do we think of governments that only allow one side to have a say? And who would have guessed that  [Read more...]

Michael Moore continues to help the Tea Party

Dec 17, 2014. michael-mooreMoore just tweeted, "Cuba 1, USA 0. Congrats on winning." and "Cuba's pissy whiny neighbor grows up. Thank u Obama." Hate radio and the Tea-Party are loving it, as well they should. It will offend most, and polarize America as much as any right-wing talk show host. Those of us who want a kinder and more peaceful nation need to speak out against those like Moore, who sabotage our efforts (remember he backed Nader, who threw the election to Bush). [Read more...]

CIA torture did not lead to bin Laden — Senator John McCain

Dec 9, 2014. In May 2011, John McCain made his own investigation into the claim that CIA torture produced the information that led to finding bin Laden. He went straight to the CIA  and was told the claim and the "facts" that supposedly supported it were false. [Read more...]

George Bush: "I've said to the people: we don't torture."

Bush, Dec 8, 2014

Dec 9, 2014. In 1988, Reagan signed the United Nations Convention Against Torture, which stated that torture could never be used under any "exceptional circumstances, whatsoever." When doing so he concluded by saying, "By giving its advice and consent to ratification of this Convention, the Senate of the United States will demonstrate unequivocally our desire to bring an end to the abhorrent practice of torture."

George Bush understood that this is how the American people feel about torture, which is why he felt compelled to say "This government does not torture people. We stick to US law and international obligations." (Fox news clip, 0:52, "Oct 5, 2007). [Read more...]

Why Schumer Attacked the Affordable Care Act

Senator Charles Schumer
Schumer messaging

Dec 7, 2014. For his party, it made no sense, but for Schumer, it did. Everyone from Krugman to the Republicans has pointed out that NY Senator Schumer's attack on Obamacare was wrong and a bit crass. So why did he do it? There's no word on that. So zFacts looked into it. To add to the mystery, Schumer has been the Dems top messaging guy (chairman, Communications Committee) for years. So this was no accident. To figure it out, let's check the timing. [Read more...]

Background Stories

What Went Wrong and How to Win Next Time


"He was the first black president. Okay, not a bad accomplishment, but that’s it, Mr. Obama." Who would say that to the President?  McConnell? Limbaugh? The truth will shock you. Republicans have been running on a simple anti-Obama platform for six years. It  worked.  [Photo: Alison Grimes — Who did I vote for?] [Read more...]

National Debt Graph by President

Republican National Debt When did the National Debt go crazy? Why? Who's to blame? Where is the debt headed? Compared to the US economy, the national debt is smaller than it was after World War II. But, take a look at what could have happened if three presidents had balanced their budgets. [Email the Fact Card] [Read more...]

How Obamacare Tricked the Republicans

To make sure Obamacare worked and could pass, Obama borrowed the conservatives' plan. So Republicans knew it would work if given a chance. Their only hope was to kill it with politics before it could take root. Too late now. In spite of politics and early computer screw-ups, a last-minute surge pushed it past its target of 7 million on April 1, 2014. But what about cost? [Read more...]

Why the Stock Market Favors Democrats

Reagan-Obama-stock-graph Republicans claim Democrats are bad for business, but the stock market disagrees. It rose more than twice as fast under Obama as under Reagan. In fact since Reagan (1981) stocks have gained 13% under Republicans and 450% under Democrats. That's 35 times more, and they had six years less time. [Email the Fact Card] [Read more...]

Unemployment Claims, Lowest in 47 Years!


The Republicans left Obama with unemployment claims running higher than at any time since Reagan in 1982. Democrats (with the Republicans obstructing) reduced that to its lowest level in 14 years according to the Press. But, compared to the number of jobs, it's at its lowest level since they started collecting data in 1967. [Email the Fact Card] [Read more...]

Who are the Job Creators?


  For at least the last 85 years, since 1929, every time the Democrats took over, jobs were created faster. And every time the Republicans took over, jobs were created slower. Ten times in a row is no accident.  And the difference is huge. Why is that? [EMail the Fact Card] [Read more...]

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