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Vote -- Why It Matters

Nov 4, 2014.  By the time the Republicans were forced to hand the country back to the Democrats, the economy was in shambles.

  • Half of all stock value had been wiped out.
  • A third of home values had been lost.
  • The American auto industry was 1/3 gone and in accelerating decline.
  • The banks were still mainly frozen.
  • The national debt had set an all-time record that still holds — a $1.1 trillion increase in 100 days (between July 30 and Nov 9, 2008).
  • Afghanistan was festering, bin Laden was thumbing his nose at us, and Bush had installed a Shiite strongman (tied to Iran) in Iraq, who would only allow American troops if they submitted to Iraqi law — was not gonna happen.

Obama and the Democrats changed all that. The far left likes to belittle the $800 billion stimulus, which likely prevented the second Great Depression, and created 2 to 2.5 million jobs even according to ultra-right economist Peter Merici. And they like to dump on Obamacare (already a success) because it's not "single payer" and had early computer problems. This has discouraged many.

But what the Democrats did in the face of Koch funded Tea Party fanatics and ultra politicos like Mitch McConnell who, [Read more...]

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National Debt Graph by President

Republican National Debt When did the National Debt go crazy? Why? Who's to blame? Where is the debt headed? Compared to the US economy, the national debt is smaller than it was after World War II. But, take a look at what could have happened if three presidents had balanced their budgets. [Email the Fact Card] [Read more...]

How Obamacare Tricked the Republicans

To make sure Obamacare worked and could pass, Obama borrowed the conservatives' plan. So Republicans knew it would work if given a chance. Their only hope was to kill it with politics before it could take root. Too late now. In spite of politics and early computer screw-ups, a last-minute surge pushed it past its target of 7 million on April 1, 2014. But what about cost? [Read more...]

Why the Stock Market Favors Democrats

Reagan-Obama-stock-graph Republicans claim Democrats are bad for business, but the stock market disagrees. It rose more than twice as fast under Obama as under Reagan. In fact since Reagan (1981) stocks have gained 13% under Republicans and 450% under Democrats. That's 35 times more, and they had six years less time. [Email the Fact Card] [Read more...]

Unemployment Claims, Lowest in 47 Years!


The Republicans left Obama with unemployment claims running higher than at any time since Reagan in 1982. Democrats (with the Republicans obstructing) reduced that to its lowest level in 14 years according to the Press. But, compared to the number of jobs, it's at its lowest level since they started collecting data in 1967. [Email the Fact Card] [Read more...]

Who are the Job Creators?


  For at least the last 85 years, since 1929, every time the Democrats took over, jobs were created faster. And every time the Republicans took over, jobs were created slower. Ten times in a row is no accident.  And the difference is huge. Why is that? [EMail the Fact Card] [Read more...]

Obama’s ISIS Strategy (part 2)

A few military and Republican leaders are criticizing Obama for saying that "American forces that have been deployed to Iraq do not and will not have a combat mission." But he and the American public are right to draw this line, and they are right strategically as well. If he had said, "Well we just might have to go back in," that would give the military another option, but it would also send a signal to Baghdad that, if they keep screwing up, we'll come dig them out. "Buck” McKeon (R-Calif.), chairman of the House Armed Services Committee should be able to figure this out. [Read more...]

If Mitch McConnell Rules the Senate …


Then McConnell will control the purse strings, so watch out. "We're going to go after them on health care, the Environmental Protection Agency ... across the board," McConnell told a private June strategy session of deep-pocket Republican billionaire donors, convened by the Koch brothers. With simple majorities in the House and the Senate, Republicans could pass any tax legislation, cut funds for any environmental programs, or even [Read more...]

A Super PAC to End All Super PACs

Lawrence-Lessig The Mayday PAC is not your average super PAC. Started on May 1, 2014 by Harvard Law Prof and political activist Lawrence Lessig, its goal is to end all super PACs in 2017. "Embrace the irony." 

His first fundraiser brought in $1.1 million in 13 days. Then he shot for another $5 million by July 4. On July 3 he was still $1.5 million short. We knew our $3.5 million in pledges would all be voided and our credit cards not charged if he didn't make it. The result was a tremendous surge of support and activity. Mayday hit $5.5 million by the end of Independence Day. Here's what's next. [Read more...]

Hope for Afghanistan?

Ashraf Ghani

On May 5, eight pro-US candidates squared off, and the two big winners were the most pro-US. Not what the hard left would have you think. On June 15, Ashraf Ghani appeared to trounce Abdulah Abdulah, but there was much fraud. All parties are desperate to get a power-sharing agreement in place before the recount finishes in a few days. Without that, the loser may well tear the country apart. That would be a pity, because they are not far apart and real power-sharing would [Read more...]

ZFacts Is Back

 I've just upgraded zFacts from geeky Drupal to with-it WordPress. That's a big commitment and I intend to keep the site up to date after this election (unlike after Nov. 2012). It will be particularly active for the next couple of months, so stay tuned, and here's hoping today's launch avoids catastrophe. [Read more...]

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