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Obama's Take on How to Defeat ISIS

Feb 11, 2015. As any general or football player knows, blurting out your strategy is, well ... just plain stupid. And so our strategist-in-chief won't do that. And I shouldn't either, but he needs help with those demanding that he blurt — call 'em the Blurters. In a nutshell, Obama doesn't want to go it alone against ISIS, he wants help from Muslims. This is best for America. By a lot. But if he caved in  to the Blurters, ...  [Read more...]

President Speaks the Truth; Right Wing Goes Nuts

Pope John Paul II

Feb 9, 2015. The Christian Right was infuriated when President Obama said something almost identical to what Pope John Paul II said in 2001, and accused Obama of throwing "Christians under the bus." The pope said “It is tragic the assailants [crusaders] ... turned against their brothers in the faith,” while Obama said that “during the Crusades and the Inquisition, [Read more...]

Code Pink vs the Republicans vs Obama

Code Pink, not Medea Benjamin
Code Pink. Not Medea.

Feb 6, 2015. The UN reports that ISIS is training boys of ten as child soldiers and girls as sex slaves, crucifying children and burying them alive. Obama calls ISIS "a brutal, vicious death cult that, in the name of religion, carries out unspeakable acts of barbarism". But don't worry; Code Pink's Medea Benjamin explained her plan on Fox News (quotes below): Stop bombing and call a conference of the allies! Extremist Republicans have their own plan: First call them "Islamic" (instead of "violent") extremists, then change the goal from Obama's "degrade and destroy" to "destroy and crush." Read on, it gets better. [Read more...]

Paul Ryan: The Republicans Got It Backwards

Feb 3, 2015. Paul RyanAccording to Paul Ryan in this Sunday's New York Times, "We’re six years into the Obama economic policies. ... The wealthy are doing really well. They’re practicing trickle-down economics now.” Trickle-down economics is, of course, the Republican view that giving tax cuts to the rich will let them hire more poor people and some of the wealth will trickle down to the poor. All along the Republicans have been accusing Obama of practicing class warfare against the rich, but actually he has secretly been [Read more...]

Terrorists Routed -- ISIS Blames Obama's Air Strikes

Kobani Celebration

Jan 31, 2015. A pro-ISIS news agency has released a video showing two Islamic State fighters blaming airstrikes by the US-led coalition for the ISIS defeat in the strategic Kurdish town of Kobani. Contrary to far-left and far right predictions that the US policy was in ruins two weeks after the coalition challenged ISIS in Kobani, ISIS lost about 1,000 men, the Kurds, 350, and the US, none.

"America's plans to fight Islamic State are in ruins as the militant group's fighters come close to capturing Kobani," said far-left correspondent Patrick Cockburn two weeks after  [Read more...]

"All-Natural" Anti-Vaxers Duped by Tea Party

Andrew Wakefield: fraud

Jan 28, 2015. Progressives who refuse vaccines for their kids might be shocked to learn they had been duped by the Tea Party. But that's exactly what has happened, thanks to Tea Party congressman Dan Burton and an English doctor who was paid $668,000 to fake his data.

The English and some Europeans fell for this quack doctor with dismal consequences (2013 epidemic). Most Americans have been less gullible. But it's still good to remember that vaccinations will prevent an estimated 322 million illnesses, 21 million hospitalizations and 732,000 deaths during [Read more...]

Michael Moore Helps the Tea Party by Calling Snipers Cowards

Michael Moore

Jan 24, 2015. No one should be surprised that Michael Moore is out helping the conservatives again. Not that he wants to. He just loves the publicity too much — no matter how stupid his comments, or how much they damage the left. This time, referring to the uber-popular movie "American Sniper," he called snipers cowards. Last time, he said Obama's only accomplishment was being the first black President. His sniper comment is idiotic and [Read more...]

Background Stories

Saudi Muslims Non-Violently Torture Blogger

Raif has been freed

According to Awad "In fact, there is nothing in our faith that encourages Muslims to be violent." Really? Saudi Arabia, home to Mecca, and the world's leading Muslim country, is currently in the process of publicly torturing Raif Badawi who is officially charged with "adopting liberal thought," "founding a liberal website," and "insulting Islam" — because he is an atheist. But Awad tells us (video 10:35) "The Koran, in a major chapter, describes the believers that when they are addressed by the ignorant [that would be Raif], their response is peace. [that would be the Muslims?]" Raif has been freed due to international pressure, but who is Nihad Awad? This shocked me. [Read more...]

What Went Wrong for Democrats in 2014?


"He was the first black president. Okay, not a bad accomplishment, but that’s it, Mr. Obama." Who would say that to the President?  McConnell? Limbaugh? The truth will shock you. Republicans have been running on a simple anti-Obama platform for six years. It  worked.  [Photo: Alison Grimes — Who did I vote for?] [Read more...]

National Debt Graph by President

Republican National Debt When did the National Debt go crazy? Why? Who's to blame? Where is the debt headed? Compared to the US economy, the national debt is smaller than it was after World War II. But, take a look at what could have happened if three presidents had balanced their budgets. [Email the Fact Card] [Read more...]

How Obamacare Tricked the Republicans

To make sure Obamacare worked and could pass, Obama borrowed the conservatives' plan. So Republicans knew it would work if given a chance. Their only hope was to kill it with politics before it could take root. Too late now. In spite of politics and early computer screw-ups, a last-minute surge pushed it past its target of 7 million on April 1, 2014. But what about cost? [Read more...]

Why the Stock Market Favors Democrats

Reagan-Obama-stock-graph Republicans claim Democrats are bad for business, but the stock market disagrees. It rose more than twice as fast under Obama as under Reagan. In fact since Reagan (1981) stocks have gained 13% under Republicans and 450% under Democrats. That's 35 times more, and they had six years less time. [Email the Fact Card] [Read more...]

Unemployment Claims, Lowest in 47 Years!


The Republicans left Obama with unemployment claims running higher than at any time since Reagan in 1982. Democrats (with the Republicans obstructing) reduced that to its lowest level in 14 years according to the Press. But, compared to the number of jobs, it's at its lowest level since they started collecting data in 1967. [Email the Fact Card] [Read more...]

Who are the Job Creators?


  For at least the last 85 years, since 1929, every time the Democrats took over, jobs were created faster. And every time the Republicans took over, jobs were created slower. Ten times in a row is no accident.  And the difference is huge. Why is that? [EMail the Fact Card] [Read more...]