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2 Wreck Economy?
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10 Corn vs Climate
11 Synfuels Again?
12 China + Coal
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14 Tax = Market?
15 Cap Politics
16 A Carbon Untax
17 Untax Works
18 Untax is Fair
19 An Oil Untax
20 Fuel Economy
21 Future Tech
22 Throw Money ?
23 Kyoto Broken ♦
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24 Global C Price
25 World Cap?
26 Enforcement
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How to Fix the Climate and Charge it to OPEC    (synopsis )
Chapter 22. Kyoto: What Went Wrong?
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We suggest a tax on carbon dioxide in which all the proceeds collected by the government would be returned to Americans each year.

Keith Crane and James Bartis, Washington Post, 2007

“THERE IS A BROAD CONSENSUS in favor of a carbon tax everywhere except on Capitol Hill, where the ‘T word’ is anathema.” So says the conservative American Enterprise Institute. The conflict between the T-word and the consensus creates a tension at the heart of energy policy. Capitol Hill politicians have blocked the world’s best energy policy with anti-tax slogans.


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