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1 Introduction
2 Wreck
3 Peak Oil
4 Global Warming
7 Energy Plan
13 Charge OPEC
16 Untax Carbon
23 Kyoto Wrong
Energy Puzzles
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US National Government Debt

A Social Security Crisis?

Iraq War Reasons

Hurricanes & Global Warming

Crude Oil Price

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Corn Ethanol
Carbonomics: Chapter by Chapter (Synopsis of Carbonomics)
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Part 1:
Fossil-Fuel Myths

   1. Once Upon a Time
   2. Wreck the Economy?
   3. Peak Oil or Liquid Coal?
   4. Is the Globe Warming?
   5. Cheaper than Free?
   6. No Free Lunch?
   7. The Core Energy Plan
Part 2:
Energy-Market Realities

   8. Learning from OPEC
   9. The World Oil Market vs. Energy Independence
  10. Corn Whiskey versus the Climate
  11. Synfuels Again?
  12. China, Coal, and Carbon Capture
  13. Charge It to OPEC
  14. A Market-Based Carbon Tax?
  15. Cap and Trade Politics
Part 3.
Core National Policies

  16. An Untax on Carbon
  17. Untaxing Questions
  18. Why Untaxing is Fair
  19. Taxing OilóDouble or Nothing
  20. A Race to Fuel Economy
  21. Crash Programs
  22. The Great Cost Confusion
Part 4.
Global Policy

  23. Kyoto: What Went Wrong?
  24. Global Carbon Pricing
  25. Does the World Need a Cap?
  26. International Enforcement
  27. International Fairness
  28. Carbon Pricing: What Counts?
  29. Consumersís Cartel
Part 5.  Wrap-Up
  30. Finding the Path
  31. The Complete Package

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