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   Free Social Security Clock

Put this super-simple Social Security Clock on your web site. With just a few lines of code seen in the window below.  You can Customize It, Get Fancy, or do what you want with Total Control.

Step 1.  Put the code below into your html.

  Step 2.  You're Done!  The clock should be working.

Notice the link back to zFacts in the top row of the clock. We require a link like this on your page or the clock won't work.* You can change the text that is linked but not the page it links to. If you have any problems, see the Help and FAQ Page

*We update the national-debt clock several times per week, and everytime someone visits your site it uses up our bandwidth, so it's a fair trade.

Customize It!

You can easily change the width, the title, and the speed. Change the title just by typing in a new one in place of this one. Width and speed are set with variables as shown in the window below. The width value is in pixels and the speed in clicks per second.

Note that the required link is not the whole title as in the first example, but just the "!?" so it is tiny as well as invisible.
  Just copy the code above into your HTML and it should work as is. Change width and speed if you like. For more flexibility, Get Fancy, or get Total Control.  

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