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CBO Paper: Paying for Iraq's Reconstruction (Jan. 2004)  (1260k PDF)
Defense Appropriations Bill Omits Money for Iraq  (103k PDF)
From the Budget Watchdog, by the House Budget Committee Democratic Staff.
Report: The Cost of a Failed Transition in Iraq
Sep. 30, 2004 Institute for Policy Studies
Wall Street Journal Online: The Cost of War  (257k PDF)
The Cost of War and Reconstruction in Iraq: An Update  (1027k PDF)
An Analysis by the House Budget Committee’s Democratic Staff
Selected Quotes on How Much the War Would Cost
Compiled on the Representative Jan Schakowsky's (D-IL) website.
Center for Defense Information
FY 2004 U.S. Military budget request.
War with Iraq; Costs, Consequence, and Alternatives  (661k PDF)
American Academy of Arts and Sciences
Fairly academic analysis from Nordhaus et al, 2002.
Budget Official Sharply Cuts Cost Estimate of Iraq War
New York Times
Early low-ball estimate of war cost.
Costs and Revenues of Medicare  (922k PDF)
Jan. 31, 2004 
Bush team hedging about war justification
Dec. 14, 2003 
We did not charge hundreds of miles into the heart of Iraq, pay a bitter cost in casualties, defeat a brutal dictator and liberate 25 million people, only to retreat before a band of thugs and assassins.
   The coalition intends to stay in Iraq as long as it takes to finish the job. We will not be intimidated. We will not cut and run. We will stay the course, and help you secure a future of freedom for your children.

Rumsfeld on why we are in Iraq
Jan. 31, 2004 
In absence of weapons, leaders argue Iraq was `growing danger.'
We dealt with the danger, and, as a result, the world is a better place and a more peaceful place and the Iraqi people are free.

Bush revises war rationale
  2005 Budget = $2400B. Mil=430, SS=515, interest=178. Net = 2400-1123 = $1272B.

Per person ~= $4400  (290M pop).

Annual Cost of War = $100B. Iraq population = 25M. $4000/person.
Federal Budget pages from Econ Rpt of Pres. 2004  (125k PDF)
Macro Economics and Budgets (academic with good links)

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