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Carbon Clock: Total fossil emissions since 1750
energy policy
Pounds of CO2 since 1750
Since 1750, humans have emitted over 3 quadrillion pounds of CO2 into the atmosphere by burning fossil fuels. Roughly a third of this has ended up in the oceans where it is beginning to damage the coral reefs. The other two thirds is still in the atmosphere and causing global warming. Each pound of CO2 takes up as much space as a 500 pound person.
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The carbon clock tracks total carbon (or CO2) emissions from fossil fuel since 1750.
This does not include C02 emissions from deforestation or cement manufacture.

The formula (which should be good for a year or two) is:
C(t) = 3,367,932,052,288,020 + 7,505,197t,
          where t is seconds since the start of 2007.
(The formula is not nearly as accurate it looks.)

C is pounds of carbon dioxide.  That comes to over 118 billion tons/year.

Carbon dioxide (CO2) = 1 carbon atom with 2 oxygen atoms.
Carbon has relative weight 12 and Oxygen 16.
So it takes only 12 pounds of carbon to make 12+16+16 = 44 pounds of CO2.

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