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   Chalabi Leaks Top US Secrets to Iran

  Chalabi Told Iran the U.S. Had Broken Their Code
This is considered extremely damaging to the U.S. in Iraq because Iran can now stop using this code, making it harder for the U.S. to counter Iran's struggle against the U.S. in Iraq.

Report of Intercepted Iranian Message about Chalabi's Leak
Coded Cable In 1995 Used Chalabi's Name
By Walter Pincus and Bradley Graham
Washington Post, June 4, 2004.

Ahmed Chalabi, the Iraqi politician suspected by U.S. authorities of having told Iran this spring that its secret communications code had been broken, was involved in an intercept episode nine years ago, according to senior administration officials.  ....

Similarly, it was an intercept several weeks ago of another Iranian message -- this one from an agent in Baghdad to his superiors in Tehran saying Chalabi had told him that U.S. intelligence was able to read Iran's secret cables -- that has triggered a major counterintelligence probe and concern about Washington's future ability to monitor Iranian developments.

Report on Importance of Chalabi's Leak
Wider FBI Probe Of Pentagon Leaks Includes Chalabi
By Robin Wright and Thomas E. Ricks
Washington Post, September 3, 2004,

U.S. officials said the alleged transfer of classified intelligence to Chalabi has been part of the FBI investigation at least since a raid in May by Iraqi officials on the Baghdad compound of Chalabi's party, the Iraqi National Congress. Classified U.S. intelligence material was found in that raid, a senior official said.

This spring, U.S. officials alleged that Chalabi and a senior Iraqi National Congress official had passed critical intelligence to Iran, including extremely sensitive information about recent U.S. intercepts of official communications within the Iranian government. The intelligence allegedly shared by Chalabi's group with Tehran also included information on how the United States had deciphered encrypted Iranian messages, U.S. officials said.

As a result of that leak, the U.S. intelligence community has been forced to undertake costly and extensive repairs to U.S. signal capabilities, another senior U.S. official said.

  Chalabi's Iran Connection  

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