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   Hurricane & Global Warming Links

  Comprehensive Information Sources
British The Stern Review, 2006
British Greenhouse effect science.
ColumbiaProf. Hansen
EPA U.S. Environmental Protection Agency:
EPA Global Warming Pubs
EPA: Greenhouse gas emissions
International IPCC: Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change All
International Publications are Free.
Oak Ridge Nat. Lab Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center
Oak Ridge Nat. Lab Historical Data.

Union of Concerned Scientists: Global Warming
The World-Watch Institue
Free PDFs Also many $$ PDFs, e.g. fossil C02 emission from 1750 -- present.
World Resources Institute (data)
  U.S. Climate Change Science Program Interagencey Coordination
   U.S. Global Change Research Program Predecessor to USCCSP.
       U.S. Global Change Research Information Office Under GCRP.
Global Change.gov  ♦  Global Change.org

  Links to Sites  
Dr. Kerry Emanuel of MIT
Description of the 2005 Hurricane Season
The best summary and easy to read.
Global Warming and Hurricanes (noaa.gov)
Pew Foundation:  Global Warming
  Prof. Richard S. Lindzen of MIT is the most thoughtful anti-global warming expert, although his arguments appear entirely one sided.  
Princeton: Carbon Mitigation Initiative
The Heat is Online
(general global warming site--extensive and well organized)
  Data for all Atlantic Hurricanes  
The Great Warming
What should we do about global warming?
  Research Papers  
ZFacts Graphs and Dr. Emanuel's Atlantic Hurricane Data.  (121k XLS)
Changes in Tropical Cyclone Number, Duration, and Intensity in a Warmining Environment  (237k PDF)
Sep. 2005 Webster, Holland, Curry, Chang, (in Science)
Science Magazine
Increasing destructiveness of tropical cyclones over the past 30 years  (162k PDF)
Aug. 2005 Kerry Emanuel (in Nature)
Published online July 31, 2005
  News Articles  
  Washington Post story  
Arctic Council
The Arctic Council is a high-level intergovernmental forum. The members are Canada, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, the Russian Federation, Sweden, and the United States of America. IASC is a non-governmental organization that facilitates cooperation in all aspects of arctic research in all countries engaged in arctic research and in all areas of the arctic region.

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