Fentun is Here

And WMDecode is here and Better!

A better program for Windows XP
I have found that Fenton does not always work under windows XP. So far, when Fenton fails, this program workds: WMDecode.exe. Click here for the zipped version.

If you drag and drop a winmail.dat file onto WMDecode.exe it will extract the attachments into the folder with WMDecode in it.

It should work for 30 days, then you can download it again for another 30 (that's what they say.) You can buy it for about $10 here., and you can read more about it here.


  Fix the WinMail.dat Problem with Fenton 
First step is to download the fentun.exe file. It says it’s only for Win95/NT, but it works great on both my Win98 and WinXP machines. Save that file somewhere, I just put it in my program files directory (c:Program Files).

Next step is to open Thunderbird and find an email with a Winmail.dat file, and upon finding it, double click on it, (the winmail.dat file I mean.) A “Opening Winmail.dat” box will pop up, and you should select “Open with” and click on browse, then simply browse to wherever you saved fentun.exe and select it. Be sure you tick the checkbox that says “Do this automatically for files like this from now on".

That’s it. from then on, double clicking on a Winmail.dat file in Thunderbird will automatically open Fentun which will show you what files are in the archive and offer you an “extract” button. Just extract the file in question.