Iraq War: Who Did It and Why?

Cheney - Bush - Rumsfeld
Axis of Incompetence

Reasons: The Iraq War Was Planned before 9 / 11

[#Cheney], [#Rumsfeld], [#Wolfowitz] and [#Feith], and others that Cheney brought into the Bush administration signed the Founding Principles of [#PNAC] in 1997. A neoconservative think tank and lobbying group, it wrote to Clinton in 1998 to urge him toward eliminate Saddam. By early 2001, before 9/11, it published a plan for the invasion that closely resembled Rumsfeld's actual strategy. The DC office of the Jerusalem-based [#IASPS] had urged Israel to take Iraq as early as 1996, and it's key author David Wurmser publish a book on why the Iraq War would be good for the US and Israel in 1999 before becoming Dick Cheney's Middle East adviser.

Cheney    Bush

Selling the War

Rumsfeld was ready to "sweep it all up, related or not," on 9/11. Two days later, Wolfowitz called for "ending states that sponsor terrorism" and [#JINSA]  called for "regime change" in Iraq. By the end of the first week, they called a meeting of the Defense Policy Board, and  invited their Iraqi con-artist [#Chalabi]. By the end of that 19 hour meeting, they had reached concensus—invade Iraq whether or not it had anything to do with 9/11—exactly the neocon position for the previous four years.

Before the state of the union address, Cheney had convinced Bush. But to convince Congress they needed some reason besides Israel and oil. For reasons of government bureaucracy they settled on weapons of mass destruction.


Mission Accomplished (in 43 days)

Iraq War in Quotes

There are many good quotes:

  • ""Five days or five months, but it certainly isn't going to last longer."  —Rumsfeld
  • "My fellow Americans: Major combat operations in Iraq have ended."  —Bush
  • "The Intelligence Community was dead wrong [about] weapons of mass destruction."    —The President's Commission

Dick Cheney's Iraq-War Clique

  Position [#PNAC] [#IASPS] [#JINSA]
Dick [#Cheney] Vice President Yes   Yes
Paul [#Wolfowitz] Assistant Sect. of Defense Yes   Yes
Donald [#Rumsfeld] Secretary of Defense Yes    
Scooter [#Libby] Cheney's Chief of Staff Yes    
David [#Wurmser] Cheney's Middle-East Assistant   Yes  
Douglas [#Feith] Under Sect. of Defense for Policy   Yes Yes
Eliot [#Abrams] Deputy Asst. to Bush on Middle East Yes    
John [#Bolton] Under Sect. of State Yes   Yes
Richard [#Perle] Chairman of Defense Policy Board Yes Yes Yes
  • [#PNAC] — Neoconservative think tank and lobby. Backed Iraqi regime change in 1998.
  • [#IASPS] — "A Jerusalem-based think tank with an office in Washington, D.C." Lobbied Israel for Iraqi regime change in 1996.
  • [#JINSA]  — The Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs. Backed Iraqi regime change on 9/13/2001.


The Cost of the Iraq War

Many costs of the war that are difficult to tack, but we know for sure the Congressional appropriations that are earmarked for the war. These total   ###


Iraq PopNotes


[=IASPS] Institute for Advanced Strategic & Political Studies
"A Jerusalem-based think tank with an office in Washington, D.C."
Explained importance of Iraq war for Israel.  more...
[=Clean Break] 1996 Report from Richard Perle and IASPS to Israeli Prime Minister urging Iraq war.  
[=PNAC] Project for a New American Century
Neoconservative think tank formed by Cheney,  Rumsfeld,  Wolfowitz,  Feith,  Bolton,  Libby,  Abrams,  Wurmser,  Perle, etc.
Main force behind Iraq war from 1998 (before 9/11).  more...
[=JINSA], The Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs
"explaining the link between U.S. national security and Israel’s security"
Served on JINSA's Advisory Board:  Cheney,  Wolfowitz,  Feith,  Bolton,  Perle  more....  
[=Board] Defense Policy Board
This board was at the heart of the push for war, from the first days after 9/11.
Richard Perle, Chairman, Newt Gingrich, Henry Kissinger, Dan Quale, James Woolsey, etc.   more...
[=Standard] The Weekly Standard
Main neoconservative magazine. Funded by Rupert Murdoch. Editor: William Kristol, co-founder of PNAC, son of Irving Kristol, the neconservative's "godfather."  more...   
[=Abrams] Elliot Abrams, Deputy Assistant to G. W. Bush
1997, Signer of founding PNAC "Principles" with Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Bolton, Libby.  more...  
[=Bolton] John Bolton
Undersecretary of State. Signed PNAC Letters to Clinton (1998), Gringrich, Lott advocating Iraq War.  more...
[=Chalabi] Ahmed Chalabi
The Iraqi who conned the neocons and the CIA with fabricated evidence of weapons of mass destruction.  more...  
[=Cheney] Dick Cheney
Principle force behind Iraq war. Signed PNAC's Founding Principles in 1997.  more...
[=Fairbanks] Charles Fairbanks
Paul Wolfowitz subordinate under Reagan.
Co-authored the IASPS "Clean Break" report with Feith, Perle and Wurmser.   more...  
[=Feith] Douglas Feith, Under Secretary of Defense for Policy
Dumbest (expletive) guy on the planet.  —General Tommy Franks.
Leading member of the "Office of Special Plans" which pressured CIA to accept fake information from Chalabi.  more...
[=Kagan] Robert Kagan
Co-founder with Kristol of PNAC the main neocon lobby.   more...  
[=Kristol] William Kristol
Co-founder and chairman of PNAC. Son of neoconservative “godfather” Irving Kristol.  more...  
[=Libby] Scooter Libby, Cheney's Chief of Staff
Indicted for revealing the identity of a CIA agent in 2005 in retaliation for her husband revealing fake WMD information.  more...   
[=Perle] Richard Perle, Defense Policy Board Chairman
In 1996 brought IASPS "Clean Break" report, advocating Iraq war,  to Israeli Prime Minister.  more...
[=Rumsfeld] Donald Rumsfeld, Secretary of Defense.  more...  
[=Wolfowitz] Paul Wolfowitz, Asst. Sec.of Defense
Wolfowitz--the intellectual godfather of the war--is its heart and soul. (12/29/2003, Time)  more...
[=Wurmser] David Wurmser, Middle East Adviser to Cheney.
1999 Published book on why Saddam must go and why that's good for Israel.  more...
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