US Gas Prices, Oil Price & the Real Story


 Are you up to the Drill-Baby-Drill Challenge? You know the story. Gas prices were $1.95, Obama came in and said Baby-Don't-Drill, and now gas prices are almost $4.00. So zFacts dug up the drilling numbers from Baker-Hughes, the drilling company that as kept track of rigs since 1944. Can you pick the true drilling scenario?

Class Warfare -- Who's Winning


 There are over a million households in the top 1%. On average they've gained 62 times more income than the middle class. No, not 62% more, 62 times more. It's worth taking a closer look. The problem is not that the 1% are rich, but that our economic system does not provide equal opportunity. Extreme inequality is the result.

Koch Brothers + Tea Party Politicos = Crony Capitalism


  What if two of America's super-rich decided to secretly buy themselves a political party — the ultimate form of crony capitalism. They would fund a foundation to train organizers and provide support and ideology for startup chapters all over America. The Koch brothers have spent in the hundreds of millions — mere pocket change — and they're delighted with their Tea Party. See how they do it and what's coming next. Don't be fooled.

Crony Capitalism on K Street, DC


  See this amazing 60-Minutes interview with Jack Arbamofxlnk.gif. ("I only owned 100 Congressman.") Abramoff explains in fascinating detail, how crony capitalism works — and just how easy it is for business to buy our government. Crony capitalism is much of what wrecks our government and makes people hate Uncle Sam. ...>>

Inflation: What Lies Ahead?


  Hyperinflation has been a popular conservative topic since 2008 (Glenn Beck, Peter Schiff), but really, can you get any sillier? Trillions of dollars ago, at the start of the recession (Dec. 2007), inflation was about 2.4%. Now (Nov. 2011) it's about 2.1%. Hyperinflation? No, just ...>>