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Rarely are two sides equally right, and “balanced” has come to mean magnifying minor faults on one side to balance fatal flaws on the other. Get z Facts and then decide. (newsletter)

zFacts is a project of Steven Stoft. Launched in January 2003 upon the realization that Bush really was going to invade Iraq. It focuses mainly on economic policy, energy and climate, foreign policy and domestic politics. Having a science background, I’m more skeptical than liberals or conservatives. Being an economist I favor more market oriented approaches than liberals, but don’t buy the free-market religion of conservatives. And I think personal and social (government) responsibility are equally important in the design of public policy. More info here.

The writing and graphs on this website may be used freely, however I would appreciate an acknowledgment and a link to zFacts.com or the appropriate sub-page.

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ZFacts as it was on January 17, 2012