Politics: Going to Extremes

The Optimistic Left

Occupy Wall Street started on Sept 17, 2011 and began a rapid decline after the policy cleared Zuccotti Park on Nov 15. Half way through, Mica White of Adbusters magazine, who is credited with calling the original demonstration, told “What’s Trending” 

This is a revolutionary movement that’s going to topple the corporate power structure. We are sick of the corperate political parties. This is the new model — there’s no leaders there’s no organizations. …  this revolutionary movement is not gonna stop. … This is a revolutionary movement of the 99% — this is not a left issue or a right issue. (3:03 — 9:20).

A tad optimistic? Delusional? Perhaps this explains why the Tea Party has elected 81 extremists to Congress, and—to the lefts credit—the extreme left can’t elect a dog catcher. Ralph Nader, perhaps the most electable left extremist topped out with about 4% of the vote when he defeated Al Gore and gave us George W Bush. (Gore needed only 537 votes in Florida and Nader took roughly 25,000 from him.)

The Koch Brother’s Tea Party

The Koch’s don’t own the tea party, but they helped start it well before Obama got elected. It’s part of their long term strategy that was launched in 1980 when David Koch ran for Vice President on the Libertarian ticket. Now, for the 2016 campaign they’ve pledged $889 million. As Politico points out, that “more than doubles the amount spent by the Republican National Committee during the last presidential election cycle.”

The right believes in getting organized, and it shows. This election is no time for the left to be messing around.

Will the Extremes Hand Us Over to the Republicans?

Probably. But there’s still some hope. … stay tuned.

Bernie Can't Win -- So Who's He Helping?

Hillary Clinton

Jul 31, 2015. I like Bernie. He says a lot of good stuff. But he can't win the nomination and he can't be President. He could usher in Jeorge Bush III. But don't take my word for it read Nate Silver the best political stats guy out there. Now a lot of Sander's supporters will think I just said I'm against him. They should start over from the beginning. Sanders cannot win. Neither can you -- doesn't mean I don't like you. Can we get that straight?

That leaves two possibilities, Bush III or Hillary Clinton. They've got the money. Now Sanderites will say I'm for money politics. No. [Read more...]

Trump's Unpatriotic Republican Base

Hillary Clinton

Jul 24, 2015. Think back to World War II, before Republicans became anti-Uncle Sam and anti-US-government. Back then it was patriotic to refuse favoritism because your father was a top military commander, as McCain did.

And no buffoons ridiculed you if you were in a plane that got shot down over enemy territory. And if you showed defiance and even humor, despite being tortured, yes, you were a war hero.

So what is with the 20% or so Republicans that think they are patriots but stick with draft-dodger Trump when he ridicules war-hero McCain? No, the Tea Party is not patriotic. Waving the flag, whether the US or the anti-US confederate flag, is not enough. Not even close.

So where was Trump while McCain was in Vietnam? [Read more...]

The Press Wants a Fight, Democrats Want Hillary

Hillary Clinton

Jul 19, 2015. Bernie Sanders gets support from about half of white Democrats. That's about it. He's become a lot more popular lately, but Clinton still has her 80 to 85% favorability rating among Democrats. Her unfavorable rating is around 10 percent, right where it was in January. So among Democrats, Sanders' gains are not Clinton's losses. [Read more...]

Clinton Caught in Vicious Press Cycle

Jul 14, 2015. Republicans are using a clever tactic to undermine confidence in Hillary Clinton. False accusations feed a media frenzy and all too many people think what they hear and read must be at least partly true. This is how it works:

1. Republicans make false accusations

For example: In April, Clinton was accused of “waging war on Christianity” because of her remarks on women’s reproductive health care. This scary story had no real basis as Clinton meant nothing of the kind, but simply more tolerance by some Christians.

2. The press repeats them

In this case, the idea was widely spread in the media, fueled by the likes of Bobby Jindal who claimed [Read more...]

Background Stories


Crony Capitalism

That’s when capitalists manipulate government to gain subsidies and loopholes. Wall Street uses a revolving door to high government positions. Big-business capitalists rely on K-Street lobbyists instead. But the Koch brothers, the Supreme Court, and Fox-Wall-St. are building a pro-corporate tea party. Occupy Wall Street and some tea baggers should join to fight corpocracy.


The right takes the cake for extremism. David Koch, the billionaire founder of AFP, the group that invented and organized the Tea Parties, ran as a Libertarian against Reagan in 1980. He favored an end to public schools, Social Security, the FBI, CIA, and IRS, and also favored legalizing gambling, drugs and prostitution. The left dabbles in extremism (but without the big bucks) and only manages to help the right wing fanatics.

Lakoff-the-political-mind.pngMaking Sense

Sensible politics requires that two old-fashioned conservative principles be applied to an empathetic interpretation of the three long-recognized goals of government: protect the publicpromote the general Welfare,(1)From the first sentence of the U.S. Constitution. This does not mean the federal government can do whatever it wants. But it does mean that it should do things for the common good that are within its powers. and stabilize the economy. The two conservative principles are (1)don’t waste public funds, and (2) don’t discourage personal responsibility.

Obama_official.jpgObama vs. Progressives

The far left has turned on Obama for being too conservative, and the right calls him a socialist. In truth, he has governed from the middle. The left has always been disappointed with their presidents, and if they don’t understand why, they will hand the 2012 election to the Koch brothers.


Romney is the most liberal and reasonable (except for Huntsman) of the Republican candidates, but he has proven himself willing to take whatever position is popular. This will likely continue if he becomes president, which would mean he would reflect much of the Tea Party agenda.

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1. From the first sentence of the U.S. Constitution. This does not mean the federal government can do whatever it wants. But it does mean that it should do things for the common good that are within its powers.