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“The Reality App” focuses on the election and on exposing the alterante reality that Republicans have been selling for 30 years — with increasing success.

This App has taken a huge amount of work, and its success depends on people like you using it to counter the lies used to create the reality distortion.

But I also need your help with suggestions for how to broaden its appeal. I’ve done my best to make it easy and fun to use, but I’m better at the technical part. To improve the chance of this App's success and reward those who pitch in, I’ve created a lottery to reward Facebook “Likes” (see below). 

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  • It works on everything: iPhone, Android, Kindle ... anything with a browser.


  • To install on your mobile device:
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  • The world record for oil drilling
  • Who gained 62 times more
  • who lost 10 million jobs/year
  • Who really ran up the debt?


It gets better every day !

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