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Why Two-Year College Makes More Sense than High School

Jan 18, 2015. So Republicans think free public community college is a waste of money, but they're still OK with high school. (Next the Tea Party will want to charge for that too.) But providing education the way Obama proposes will be more cost-effective than high school. First, it gets rid of everyone with a C+ average or lower. So we're not paying for those who aren't getting anything out of it, and we're getting rid of the trouble-makers and  [Read more...]

1 Year of Free Community College = 12 days of Iraq War

Nouri al-Maliki

Jan 17, 2015. Obama proposes free community college for students with just over a C+ average or better. This could cost up to $60 billion over 10 years. Most Americans favor this but the Republicans say we can't afford it. Let's put that in perspective. Bush II and the Republicans thought it was worth $800+ billion (133 years of community college for America) to install the pro-Iranian Nouri al-Maliki as Pres of Iraq, so he could kick us out of Iraq (unless US troops submitted to Iraqi law—as bad as Sharia) and then let the ISIS flourish. [Read more...]

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