Drug Wars

Pat Robertson: What weed Jesus do?

 Yes, that Pat Robertson—the televangelist of the Christian right. He just came out for legalizing Marijuana. That’s brave and smart. I’m impressed. The benefit of war on drugs, if there is one, is that it might reduce the use of marijuana. No one knows because we’ve never tried equally hard to reduce it’s use non-violently. But that only benefits drug abusers and potential drug abusers. (Guardian)

Just as with prohibition, criminalization leads to more crime and all the costs associated with it. And most of these fall on innocent people. Plus marijuana, though not central to the Mexican drug war, is certainly a major part of it, and it’s 40,000 dead.

So my question is, why do conservatives (except for Pat) think the government should spend all this tax money and risk so many innocent lives just to help a bunch of drug abusers? It just does not add up.