Sitemap, Analytics, Verification

Google Analytics     G Webmaster Tools

  • Constructed by the XML Sitemap module and its associated XML sm Node module.
  • The associated XML sm engines module will submit it to Google and Bing
  • Use Configuration / Search / XML to set up, recompute or send out.
  • Everything is set to happen once per day (I think).
  • Check on Google sitemap here

I'm already using Google Analytics Asynchronous Tracking Code

For Filtering my out of the stats, my IP address is, but it varies, so I need to recheck several times.

AdSense: All ads below content except for one 468x15 link unit.

  • Left SB:
  • #1 Link unit below search
  • Content:
  • #2 468x15 link unit in content
  • #3 300x250 display below content
  • #4 728x90 Leader board at very bottom
  • Right SB:
  • #5 small link unit at top
  • #6 wide skyscraper below my gizmos

On important pages: Install #2, move #3 into my content body, turn off default #3

Google Speed Tools