How to Edit

  1. Click "Login" (faint) in the upper right corner of any page.
  2. Log in. (you must already have name & password)
  3. Use the table of contents to go to the page you want to edit.
  4. Under the page's title click the edit tab.
  5. In the "Body" make corrections.
    • Occationally there is a "Summary window for front-page teasers above the Body window. Ignore it.
  6. Save your work:
    • Warning:  Clicking the "View" tab will discard any unsaved work (it's dumb).
    • Click the floppy-disk Icon at the right end of the 3rd row of icons
    • Or, scroll to the very bottom and click "Save."
  7. If you mess up, don't save your work
    • Hit your browsers back arrow, or
    • Click the X near the "outline" tab in the upper right.
  8. Linking:
    • To link, select keywords, click the "link icon," enter  /node/4  Note that "<other>" will appear. Example:  Link to node 4
    • To link the page, use this:   /about  Example: double click this in edit mode:  Link to about
    • An external link should be followe by  xlnk.gif, found a image/xlink.gif  (use the IMCE Picture icon)
    • Tricks:
    • If you are on a node page you any of these:
      • /node/4   ../node/4   or  ./4
      • because  ..  means go up one level from where you are (at /node)
      • and   .   means go from here
      • Starting with  /  means start from the base path: