Waste Not

One thing most progressives need to learn from conservatives is that not wasting public money really is important. Yes, it’s true, that progressives don’t like waste. And conservatives often tolerate huge waste in the military, but that is no excuse. It’s also true that conservatives often use waste as an excuse not to spend even when the waste would be minimal and the benefit great. But that’s no excuse either.

The point is that conservatives are much more likely to show concern about waste, and that, by itself, is good. It is also true that progressives, I’m thinking now of Van Jones, can write a whole book on schemes for greening America, a fine idea, and barely mention the need to spend money efficiently. It’s also possible for California’s Air Resources Board to evaluate 20 low-carbon approaches and decide that not even the most expensive should be ruled out ¬†or minimized. And they did not even feel a need to comment on this decision. (full story)