Why Fox and the Wall Street Journal Think the Same

Fox-Murcoch-WSJ.pngRupert Murdoch, the owner of the Wall St. Journal and Fox News, is the epitome of crony capitalism, having top-to-bottom links to the British government. (Tony Blair is the godfather of one of Murdoch’s children and Murdoch’s paper used to bribe the police.) So it is hardly surprising the Wall St. Journal and Fox agree on all things crony, and much more.

To illustrate the connection consider the web links from FoxNews to the the Wall Street Journal (Google: link:wsj.com site:foxnews.com, Dec. 31, 2011) and other papers:

Links from FoxNews to Number of Links
Wall Street Journal 64,900
New York Times 8,460
Washington Post 1,340
Chicago Tribune 94
Los Angeles Times 86
Atlanta Journal Constitution 39
Dallas Morning News 30
Houston Chronicle 17

Clearly the Fox News is almost totally aligned with Wall Street.