The Many Varieties of Extremists

There is extremism on both the left and the right, but right now, tea-party extremism is the most dangerous. In the ’60s the left was radical and hated the government, and the right wingers (many now in the tea party) said “America: Love it or Leave it.” Now the right wing hates the American government.

Both Extremes Hate Obama

Google finds 6 million left-extreme web pages calling Obama a Republican, and about the same number calling him a fascist, socialist or communist. Of course there’s a few million more right-wing pages calling him a Muslim and a gay, queer or fag. Unfortunately opposite bozos do not cancel out, and both sides end up hurting the country and our government. Find out how.

Tea Party History: a Scoop

The Tea Party is full of real people, with real problems, many of whom volunteer time and money, and genuinely believe what they say. But almost no one knows where the Tea Party came from. The three standard myths are:

  1. It grew out of Ron Paul’s campaign fundraiser held nation-wide on January 16, 2007.
  2. It was triggered by CNBC’s Rick Santelli call from the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange for a bankers’ revolt against the undeserving poor, February 19, 2009.
  3. It started as income-tax protests in 2009.

In fact, the call for a tea party dates back to 2005, and the Koch brothers have provided crucial support, from food and refreshments to organization, speakers and information. Consequently, the Tea Party reflects the extreme right-wing and libertarian views of the Koch brothers.


Abolish pubic schools, and social security, the CIA, FBI and IRS; legalize drugs, prostitution and gambling. Sound extreme? That was the libertarian position whenguess who was the libertarian candidate against Ronald Reagan in 1980.

How the Far Left Helps the Right

Jim Jones, who murdered 908 American progressives in his Peoples Temple in Guyana, is an extreme example of the far left. Although he was extreme, he was not ostracized and was able to do tremendous damage to the progressive cause, tarnishing people as high as Rosalynn Carter. Without Ralph Nader, who handed Bush the presidency in 2000, we would not have had the Iraq war. If you’re progressive, you need to understand the connection and the dangers.

Socialism? Fascism? What’s the Difference?

Fascists hate socialists (Hitler jailed them and killed them), hate gays and unions. Many big German corporations backed Hitler, but under socialism, the government takes over big corporations. So Fascism is an extreme version of the guess what and Socialism is an extreme version of guess what