How High Are Taxes

Here’s and excellent slide show on taxes and tax rates. Business Insider

The Radical Republican Agenda on Taxes. A major contributor to the increasing inequality in America has been tax cuts for the wealthy. This trend started even before Reagan and has accelerated again under Bush II. But it’s also important to look at what taxes have been cut to understand what’s at stake.

Next Steps in the Radical Republican Agenda  Bush is headed towards a radical revision of who pays taxes and how much they pay, where labor is taxed but not capital, social services are cut and the federal government shrinks in size.

Who Benefits? Cutting the Tax Rates
It cost the rich a lot to elect Bush, but they’ve already recouped a lot of their investment.  The big cuts were for millionaires.

The Effect of the Tax Cuts
The tax cuts cause trouble now but their long-term effect is even more damaging.