Clock Keeps track of Iraq War Cost

This is not all costs, but only the costs based on the budget authority.
Data is from Congressional Research Service.
Needs just three lines of code:

 1. The clock tag makes this:  $964,948,195,656
 2. A link to zFacts' cost of war in Iraq  page
 3. The JavaScript tag to run the clock

Here's the code that makes this clock:


<span id="IWC" zF="8">###</span>
<a href="" id="zF14">Iraq War Cost</a>
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

You control the clock with the zF setting in the clock tag.

   <span id="IWC" zF="A,B,C,D"

How to use the zF settings:
  A   Clock speed.    0 to 100  clicks per second.  ( 0.2 is very slow.)
  B   Cents.             0 = no cents.  1 = cents.  (default is no cents)
  C   $ sign.             0 = no dollar sign,  1 = show $.   (default is show)
  D   extra clocks.    2 = two ND clocks on the same page.

You can skip inputs A, B, C, or D, but you must leave space for those skipped over if you use a later one, e.g.

   <span id="IWC:" zF="2,,0">       

This means:  2 clicks/sec , default cents , No dollar sign.



 • Put the JavaSript line last.
 • You can link any words you want.
 • You can make the link look like normal text. Here's how:

 <a href="" id="zF12"
               style="text-decoration:none; color:black;">