How to Add and Image & Caption and Float it Right

Bush Employment

Position your cursor before the paragraph that the image goes to the right of.

Image with No Caption
  1. Cick IMCE icon (2nd row)
  2. Choose Image
  3. Alignment: Right
  4. Alternative Text, and Advanced / Advisory-Title  are both a good idea. 

Image with a Caption -- use a table

  1. Make a Table with 1 Col and 2 Rows.
    1. Set Width smaller than the image -- ~50px
    2. Border = 0
    3. Align: Right
    4. Optional:  Go to "Advanced" tab and after  "width: 5px"
      • add  " ; margin: 0 -8px 0 5px; "  (Note the initial " ; " )
  2. Add the Image with IMCE (picture icon in 2nd row).
    1. Click Inside the table.
    2. Click the IMCE icon.
    3. Select your imaged and click "Insert"
    4. Set the width you want (make sure litle lock is locked).
    5. Go to "Link" tab if you want to link the image to, e.g. ../p/416
    6. Click   OK
  3. Add a Caption
    1. Type caption and center it.

See Files/IMCE Setup for tech stuff

Add Image with a Popup Window Link

  1. Just link any phrase and select "popup window" from the Target menue in CK editor.
  2. The links should be the url of the image.
  3. Good to put the width and heigth in for the window.