Cheney's neocons still in control, still incompetent

Kissinger's list of Cheney's mistakes  (Full story.)
(1) Did not send enough troops to win. =>Insurgents
(2) Held elections when the parties were almost purely sectarian. =>Civil war
(3) Focused on training Iraqi troops instead of keeping the peace. => Chaos
(4) Trained Iraqi troops who are fighting under the wrong banner. => Death squads

By all accounts Cheney has controlled Bush's Iraq policy from the start. WithPNAC and his neocon friends, he pushed and planned the war starting in 1998—9/11 was only his excuse. He brought the neocons into the Bush administration, and he still has a team of them working on Iraq and Iran.
His goal was a 6-week war ousting Saddam, removal of his WMD, an a spontaneous pro-American democracy. Nice goal—except there were no WMD. That wasn't the problem and never has been.
The problem is Cheney is incompetent. The danger is he is planning to attack Iran. Kissinger has listed his mistakes: Not enough troops, sectarian elections, a premature policy of "they stand up, we stand down." There were many more but ...

The consequences of Cheney's mistakes are what matters:


The entire US intelligence community reported in April that in Iraq a new generation of terrorists... [is] breeding resentment of US and support for global jihad...[and] fueling the spread of the jihadists. They would never have said this if it were not true. 


Al Qaeda is vastly stronger in Iraq than before the war
Before Cheney's Iraq war:  The 9-11 commission reported that it found no "collaborative relationship" between Iraq and al Qaeda.
January 22, 2007:  Now the US is fighting the Omar Brigade of Al Qaeda in downtown Baghdad, not to mention the mayhem in Anbar province. In short there is now a vast "collaborative relationship" between Iraq and Al Qaeda.
Iran and Hezbollah are far more dangerous than before
Before Cheney's Iraq war:  Mohammad Khatami was President of Iran (1997—2005). Iran's first reformist president, he won power largely due to the female and youth vote. His reforms were mainly blocked by the more conservative "Supreme Leader." Ayatollah Khamenei.
January 22, 2007:  Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is President. He is extremely anti-Israel, actively backs Hezbollah, and is internally repressive. He and Hezbollah's leader are now the most popular people in the Islamic world. Even the Supreme Leader considers him dangerous.
He is now losing Afghanistan
Before Cheney's Iraq war:  We had won in Afghanistan.
January, 2007:  Now Western forces need more money and troops for a year-long push to defeat the Taliban, says the British head of NATO forces in Afghanistan, as the Taliban open schools in the South.

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Kissinger says 2005 elections helped cause civil war
"The reliance on early elections as the key to political evolution ... caused the newly enfranchised to vote almost exclusively for sectarian parties, deepening historic divisions into chasms."

"Chasms" refers to the civil war. Bush/Cheney pushed hard for early "turning-point" elections. What do spooks say?

US Intelligence — Iraq's 2005 elections helped ignite civil war
"According to the Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), the December 2005 elections appeared to heighten sectarian tensions and polarize sectarian divides. more

—From "Stabilizing Iraq: An Assessment of the Security Situation." (Statement for the Record by David M. Walker, Comptroller General of the United States) published by the US Government Accountability Office (GAO).