Content Types, Fields

Content Types, articles, book pages, etc., are comprised of fields.

  • A field may appear multiple times in Edit mode: Structure > Content Types > Manage Fields > Edit > Number of Values.
    • If the Number of Values is increased, say from 1 to 2, and data is enetered in "value" 2, and then the # of Vals is decreased to 1, the data in #2 will no longer be visible, but it is not lost. If the # of Vals is increased to 2 again, it will return to view.
  • If a field, e.g. "Body," is deleted from one content type, all the data for that field and that content type is lost, but other content types that use the field are not affected.
  • To get a text-area field to be small, set it to one line and to Plain Text format.