Page Structure: Blocks for the Sidebars, etc.

The Structure of a page is mainly controle by:  Structure / Blocks. However the theme itself puts that Main Menu into the top Navigation Region. See zframe/!Notes on zframe.txt.

The Header contains a block, "Micro Login for Top Right" that contains both the login and the magicHeader div that can be loaded by using the Magic-Block-Input.

Paragraphs:  The first paragraph is not indented, but the next one, and subsequent ones are. However, if a table or some non-paragraph occurs, then the next one is not indented. See Wysiwyg editing.

The Left-Hand Sidebar can only be changed by editing the Don't-Miss block.
The Right-Hand Sidebar has these blocks in this order:
  1. Magic Block
  2. Zero or more Widgets
  3. Google ad

The Magic Blocks will contain whatever is inside these divs in the Magic-Block-Input box (below Body input box when editing).

  • <div id="sideMagic"> This page's unique sidebar stuff. </div>
  • <div id="headerMagic"> This page's unique header stuff. </div>

The Magic-Block-Input must be used with "PHP code" as the text format. Do not style the magic divs; they disappear. Put any HTML, PHP, JS inside of them.

To turn on a widget/gizmo:  Structure / Blocks / Configure / Show block on specific pages (at the bottom).

The Google ad shows up automatically.

There Column Layout:   10+220+525+20+175+10 = 960. pad+Col#1+Body+space+Col#2+pad.

From sideMagic Div.
From headerMagic div.