Backup with Drupal and C-Panel

Move and Duplicate sites with unix:


To transfer files:
scp local-file-name
This is a "Get" version that worked:   scp ./

The command that duplicated old zFacts:  time wget --limit-rate=600k -m -k -K -E -o log

Backup with Drupal

  1. How:   Configuration  /  System  / Backup & Migrate  or click here
  2. What:   This just backs up the MySQL DB (to the drupal server) in 
  3. Where:   /home/carbonom/public_html/private/backup_migrate/manual

Backup with C-Panel

  1. Start C-Panel ( see Google spreadsheet "Computer Notes" tab=Web Sites)
  2. Choose:  Files / Backups:
    1. Backup Home Directory (all Drupal except MySql)  160MB, Sept. 2011
    2. Download to:  MyDocuments  /  ! Web  /  Drupal Backup  /  Date
    3. Backup MySQL dbase.  Very small

Update Modules

  1. Click:   Modules / Update tab / Check the boxes /  "Download these updates" button
  2. Configuration / Development / Performance / Clear Cache    click here

Update Drupal Core (minor, e.g. 7.5 to 7.7)

  1. Download the tar.gz file
  2. upload it to Home/carbonom  and unpack it with the C-panel / Files / Extract to  publich_html.   It will land in it's own folder.
  3. Make a drupal_old folder and copy .htaccess and the six drupal folders (but not /sites).
  4. .htaccess has been modified a lot, but setting.php in sites/default/ has not been modified.
  5. Some instruction in google sheet: ComputerNotes / Drupal on how to get through setup if necessary.
  6. Overview of what's needed:
    1. Replace the drupal code folders: includes, mis, modules, profiles, scripts, themes.
    2. Replace the files in public_html except for .htaccess
    3. Replace /sites/default/default.setting.php   (this is needed)
    4. Don't replace the rest of the stuff in /sites
    5. Perhaps go through drupal set up and tell in the MySQL dbase name, owner, passwd