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Stop the Lies . . Stop the Voodoo !

See this YouTube video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=P1bZ-TiX8rA

It started with a lie: The national debt was the highest ever!
Not True . . . It was its lowest compared to our income in 50 years.

- - - Why did they lie?
- - - What did they do when they took power for 12 years?
- - - - - - and again later for 8 more?
- - - Why are they still lying about Congress?
- - - What do we have to show for $9.2 trillion?
- - - Can they be stopped?

- - - What did our most heroic patriots show us that can save us now?


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Please Pass This On to at Least One More Voter

( ... and one person who will keep it going -- someone who passes emails to you?
You could start a chain letter that would reach a million! )

Thanks so much for helping!

P.S. If you need to start a fresh copy, (is the picture missing?) it's easy to get one
here: zfacts.com/node/109