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National Debt Graph by President

Aug 19, 2014. Republican National Debt When did the National Debt go crazy? Why? Who's to blame? Where is the debt headed? Compared to the US economy, the national debt is smaller than it was after World War II. But, take a look at what could have happened if three presidents had balanced their budgets. [Email the Fact Card] [Read more...]

Hyper Inflation? It’s the Total Opposite

From the start, conservatives (and gold bugs) have accused Obama and the FED or causing rampant inflation. They say there’s too much money and hyper inflation is just about to start. In fact inflation is the lowest since the 1950s.

Stock Prices: Dems Beat Republicans Hands Down


  ● Under Republicans (since 1981) stocks have risen by 13%. ● Under Democrats they increased 453% — 35 times more.  ● Values rise  when business is confident.

Layoffs: New Unemployment Claims Lowest in 47 Years


The press says claims are the lowest in 14 years. But compared to the number of jobs, they are the lowest since they started keeping records in 1967.

The Job Creators

 For at least the last 85 years, since 1929, every time the Democrats take over, jobs are created faster. And every time the Republicans take over, jobs are created slower. We have the exact numbers since 1939, and the difference is huge.


Debt: We Owe it to Ourselves

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Oil-drilling rigs



Class warfare — who’s winning? 


Why is the Chamber of Commerce trouncing the Tea Party? — Stay tuned.